The Umoya team as developed the following solutions:

Licenced by SAHPRA for use during COVID-19

OxERA™ Device

Supplies high percentage O2 via accumulator bag with adjustable PEEP.

Adjustable PEEP Valves

Proudly South African adjustable peep valve 0-20cm H2O, 22mm connection.

Currently in development

Fully Mechanical Non-invasive BiPAP

Providing positive pressure support on inspiration with independently adjustable PEEP on expiration.

A range of accessories OxERA™ to enhance it’s use.
  • Venturi valves
  • Different mask options
  • In-line nebulisers
Portable, robust oxygen generating systems.

Blower and manifold for treating multiple patients with CPAP/BiPAP.

Empty oxygen cylinder alarm.

A compact device which signals when an oxygen cylinder is running empty.


Reference 12 April 2020:

According to a presentation made to Parliament’s portfolio committee on health this week by the acting director-general of the department of health, Anban Pillay, a copy of which News24 has obtained.


  • Total number of ventilators = 3,216
    (1,111 Public sector & 2,105 Private sector)
  • Total Critical care hospital beds = 3,318
    (2,140 Private sector)
  • Total High care hospital beds = 2,722
    (1,082 Public Sector)
  • Total Hospital beds = 119,416
  • Peak demand for intensive care beds estimated between 4,100 to 14,700 beds
  • Estimated a total of 7,000 ventilators will be required to deal with the virus which is a shortage of 3,784.

Further estimates and assumptions

  • 70% of population contract COVID-19
  • 80% complete recovery
  • 20% hospitalized
  • 4% critical
  • Average ICU treatment duration = 14 days
  • South Africa’s population = 58.8 million
    ( ref – )

OxERA is designed to be used on the few very sick patients who are not saturating adequately on maximum oxygen mask therapy.
It is not suitable for use where a standard oxygen mask will suffice as is the case for the majority of Covid-19 pneumonia patients requiring oxygen.
It needs to be used under the supervision and direction of a medical practitioner and requires a consistent and reliable source of oxygen. As such, it’s home use is limited and we do not recommend purchasing an OxERA just in case one is needed. We are working hard to ensure production keeps up with demand so there should be no delay in accessing units when needed.
Please contact your GP for advice should you think you may need escalation to an OxERA and are not currently admitted in a hospital.