MaternaWell Tray

Early detection of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) saves lives.

Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is the leading direct cause of maternal death worldwide and is responsible for over 3 million disability-adjusted life years (DALY) globally every year. However, up to 93% of PPH cases are considered preventable. We have developed a mother-centric, affordable, and easy-to-use blood loss monitoring device (BLMD) to accurately and quickly detect PPH after childbirth and reduce critical time to treatment.

Prof Hofmeyr explaining the benefits of the MaternaWell Tray to delegates at the IMNHC conference held in Cape Town in May 2023. 

Photo courtesy of AlignMNH and Black Lab Media

How the MaternaWell Tray equalizes health outcomes


Locally-led. Original concept developed by Dr. Justus Hofmeyr, an OBGYN from Southern Africa specializing in PPH.

Fast. Constantly provides real-time estimator of blood loss, resulting in prompt diagnosis and treatment.

Accurate. Objectively estimates blood loss leaving no room for subjective errors.

Mother-centered. Honours the mother’s dignity by providing a comfortable, clean birthing process.

Sustainable. Designed to be environmentally-friendly and reusable.

Affordable. Made from safe yet, inexpensive material.

Globally-relevant. Low and middle income countries, especially Africa and South Asia, have the largest burden from PPH, but even well-developed high-income countries do not have PPH under control.