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How can I help Umoya
by donating?


Who Are Umoya?

Innovative health care for low resource settings during covid-19 and beyond.

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Is Umoya an NGO?

No, we operate as a for-profit company but use the profits to further our objectives in health care.
We do not accept donations directly, rather we work closely with Rotary who work with us to broaden the base of quality health care.

If I buy OxERA’s will I get training?

The OxERA is very easy to use and comes with full instructions.
A training video is available on-line. If necessary we can arrange additional training sessions.

How can I order some OxERA devices?

You can email your requirement to our partners, Gabler Medical, who will process your enquiry or order.

How can I get involved with Umoya? Do you have any jobs available?

We have very few employees, most of us work on a pro bono basis. Our shareholders do not receive dividends and our company directors and office bearers do not receive payment. If you feel you have skills we can use and you are aligned with our ethos please get in touch with us.

What are you doing with the profits Umoya generates?

We use our trading profits to develop new products and services or make donations to organisations who do similar work.
We have given well over 1000 OxERA’s to NGOs and communities who could not afford them, and we are co-funding projects in the sector.
As we grow the business we hope to increase our impact in this way.