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The OxERA device arose as a by-product of our BiPAP prototype system and has now evolved into a separate stand-alone device that has proven remarkably effective at treating COVID-19 pneumonia. We have found that the overwhelming need of COVID-19 pneumonia patients is oxygen. In very sick patients, this typically needs to be 100%O2. The differences […]

Breathe in, hold, breathe out

Breathe in, hold, breathe out… A simple, subconscious action that our very lives depend on entirely, at times taken for granted in its subtlety. Air, the breath of life, comprised of 21%-part Oxygen, 78%-part Nitrogen, and tiny amounts of other gases like Argon, Methane, and Carbon Dioxide. The very anatomical and physiological nature of breathing […]

Portable Single Air Delivery System

A smaller portable unit to supply a single patient with room air based BiPAP is also under development. This is in contrast to the manifold feed system which was conceived initially. Oxygen supplementation to each patient is via an individual oxygen supply flow valve and meter at the patient’s station, allowing independent oxygen flow rate […]

Second Round of NVP Evaluation

Quick update on progress – the Umoya teams solutions for a non-invasive ventilator and alternative air supply are through to the next round of evaluation as part of the governments NVP programme mentioned by Cyril Ramaphosa last week. This has only been possible through the hard work and time commitments of some incredible individuals and […]